SeaGlobe is well connected to the major industry players, and has a proven track record of securing orders for various suppliers and service providers. We are highly skilled in technical sales, and have rich experience in proposal preparation and cost estimation. We provide practical and effective advices to our clients for their international business development activities. Whether you are looking for an one-off project sales, or you are seeking long term representation in the international market, we have got a solution for you.

Proposal Consultancy
- Bid strategy development: We closely work with our clients to develop the right bidding strategy in all must-win situations. We help our client to evaluate key drivers, perform self-assessment and competitor analysis, and formulate a winning strategy. Our knowledge of various operators and contractors in the industry will help you make the correct decisions.

- Client engagement assistance: We understand the difficulties of engaging with a client with significant language and cultural barriers when you want to take your company to an international level. We can help you prepare for your meetings with an international client, accompany your client visits, assist you in your clarifications and negotiations with the client.

- Proposal development: Whether you require a strong proposal team leadership (Commercial Lead or overall Proposal Lead), or you are looking for experienced professional to augment your proposal team, or you need an independent proposal review to give yourself more assurance in the quality of proposal / cost estimate you have put together, or you just need someone to improve your proposal writing, our flexible approach will offer you a solution. 

- Cost estimation: In today’s challenging industry environment, operators are getting more and more cost sensitive, and the most important deciding factor will be the price. Contractors need to optimize the cost by looking for the most optimal technical / commercial solutions and in the meantime need to have a good understanding of the competitors’ costs to make a wise decision on the margin. Our in-depth knowledge of various leading contractors’ pricing strategies and the industry’s costing environment will help you develop a robust pricing.​ 

- Contract review: We have observed first hand that some of our client companies used to blindly accept and sign on whatever contract given to them by the other party! While you may get away with it in some cases, it may be too costly if something just does not work out. For the companies that are just starting to take on international contracts and for the smaller players who do not employ in-house legal counsels, the lack of international legal and contracting expertise is often a big obstacle. SeaGlobe's experienced contract managers come with long years of experience in the industry and can help you with the review of the criticial contracts, aviod the contractual pitfalls and safeguard your company's interest. 
Sales Agency
We act as sales agent for various contractors and suppliers to assist them with their business development efforts. 

- One-off project pursuit: We advise our clients on the sales strategy on projects to which we are close. Our understanding of the client drivers and potential competition will enable a targeted sales approach and the right pursuit strategy. 

- Long term representation: We value long term relationships and we work closely with client companies to help take their business to the international level or penetrate a particular market. We are strategically located in Singapore and we add value by bridging businesses from the East and West with our sound knowledge of this very specialised field. We work with companies as sales agent or regional distributor. 
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