Engineering design services 

We provide engineering design services in offshore / onshore pipeline engineering, structural engineering, transportation and installation engineering, naval architecture, and geotechnical engineering etc. Our lead consultants are all industry veterans with minimum 20 years’ work experience. They each come with their own specialised niche areas and can help solve the practical problems our clients are facing. We provide our clients with a complete solution for their projects and pursuits in a flexible, transparent, cost effective and time efficient manner. 

Pipeline Engineering
- Flow Assurance
- Materials and Corrosion
- Pipeline Design
- Design Review

Structural Engineering
- Subsea Structure Design
- Finite Element Analysis
- Fabrication Management
- Design Review​

Geotechnical Engineering
Helping you gain a competitive EDGE
- Pile Drivability and Suction Pile Installation Analysis
- Subsea Structure Foundation Design Optimisation
- Design of Foundations and Anchors for Carbonate Seabeds
- Geotechnical Aspects of Mooring System Design

Serving the offshore / onshore oil & gas industry, we provide high quality consultancy services at budget cost in pipeline engineering, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation and installation engineering etc. 

Our lead consultants for each consultancy area are all industry veterans with minimum 20 years’ work experience. Engaging our services simply means getting immediate access to years of accumulated technical knowledge and experience.

Installation Engineering
- Structure Installation Analysis
- Rigid PIpeline Installation Engineering
- Flexible & Umbilical Installation Engineering
- Vessel Operation Support

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