Sale / lease of offshore & marine equipment / products 

SeaGlobe trades a wide range of offshore and marine equipment / products and can offer sale or lease options. We work closely with various equipment and product suppliers in the industry. Our team has rich experience in technical procurement, and have first hand experience running offshore construction projects, we are therefore able to offer practical advice  for your project needs. Our close relationship with the various suppliers, both local and international, major and niche, enables us to always provide a reliable and cost effective solution.

​​SeaGlobe is the authorised international marketing agent for CPP601, a derrick pipelay barge owned by China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP). ​The CPP601 is a modern, versatile S-lay barge delivered only in 2013. The barge is equipped with a 1600MT main crane and 2x60 tons tensioners and is capable of laying 4" to 48" diameter pipelines.

SeaGlobe acts as the sales agent for Viar S.p.A. in the China market. Started from 1983 in Italy, Viar S.p.A. is an industry leader in the design, production and supply of pipeline flanges, fittings, connectors and special forged pieces. VIAR has a long track record of supplying products of exceptional quality to major offshore projects around the world.

​​SeaGlobe is the authorised distributor for CCROV in the South East Asia and Australia. Made by Shenzhen Vxfly from China, the CCROV is the smallest mini ROV on the market. It comes with a 4K camera and 6 thrusters.  With standard package selling from only US$3K+, CCROV is a cost effective solution for underwater observation tasks for both professional and recreational users. ​​
Ship Spares
Offshore Equipment 
Pipe Flanges & Fittings
Riggings & Lifting Gears
- Engine spares
- Marine electrical supplies
- Pumps and pump spares
- Fog horns
- Visibility sensors
​- Life rafts
- Foodwaste disposer
- Oil gauging tapes
- Fuel / Water Test Kits
- Bunkering fittings​
​- Jacking system spares
- Vessel chartering and sales (Derrick pipelay barges, DSV, HLV, cargo barge and tugs, jackup rigs)
- Personnel transfer baskets
- Pipeline Recovery Tools (PRT)
- Passive Heave Compensators (PHC)
- Winches
- Generators

- Air compressors
- Flanges: Anchor Flanges, Compact Flanges, Hanger Flanges, Swivel Ring Flanges etc.
- Pipe Fittings: Elbows, Tees, Couplings, Nipples, Clamp Connectors, Piggable Wyes etc.​
​​-  J-Lay Collars, Buckle Arrestors, Bend Restrictors etc.
​​- Wire ropes
- Manila ropes
- Synthetic slings
- Shackles 
- Sling hooks
- Chain hoist, lever hoist
- Snatch block & wire rope pulleys
- Load arrestors
​- Winches
Gas Cutting & Welding Equipment
Scaffolding Materials
Safety Equipment
​​- Welding and Gas Cutting Equipment (Welding machines, gas cutting torch,  gas regulator, flashback arrestor etc.)
-  Bevelling machines
- Industrial Gases (O2,  N2,  CO2, Helium, Argon, Propane, Acetylene, Mixed gas etc.)
- Scaffolding pipes
- Couplers (single coupler, double coupler, sleeve coupler, swivel coupler, girder coupler, right angle coupler etc.)
- Tread board
- Ladders   
(wooden & aluminium)
- Safety helmets
- Face shield
- Safety glasses
- Ear plugs
- Face masks, SCBA etc. 
- Coverall
- Safety shoes
- Hand gloves
- Gas detectors (portable, fixed)
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