Sale / lease of offshore & marine equipment / products 

SeaGlobe trades a wide range of offshore and marine equipment / products and can offer sale or lease options. We work closely with various equipment and product suppliers in the industry. Our technical knowledge enables us to add value by helping to select the right equipment / product for the specific project needs. Our partnerships with various local / international suppliers will also enable us to achieve the best commercial and contractual terms and as a result pass on the monetary savings to our customers and at the same time minimize the contractual risks.

Materials / Consumables
- Line pipes, pipe bends, flanges, pipe fittings
- Valves
- Structural steel
- Riggings and lifting gears
- Scaffolding materials
- Industrial gases (O2, N2, CO2, Helium, Argon, Propane, Acetylene, mixed gas etc.)
- Gas cutting / welding equipment and accessories
- Gas dectectors (portable and fixed)
- Paints
- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Just tell us what you need!
Our team is strong in technical aspects, and have first hand experience running offshore construction projects. We are therefore able to offer practical advice  for your project needs. Our close relationship with the various suppliers, both local and international, major and niche, enables us to always provide a reliable and cost effective solution.

We are highly responsive and act with a strong sense of urgency for any potential client's enquiries.  Being offshore people ourselves, we perfectly understand that it does not make any sense to have a million dollar day rate spread stand by just waiting for a small yet essential piece of equipment. Trust us with your orders and you won't be disappointed with our performance in any last minute or emergency kind of situation.
- Derrick Pipe Lay Barges
- Diving Support Vessels (DSV)
- Offshore Support Vessels (OSV)
- Passive Heave Compennsators (PHC)
- Pipeline Recovery Tools (PRT)
- Personnel transfer baskets
- Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF)
- Life raft
- Winches
- Generators
- Air compressors
- Fog horns
- Marine lightings
- Pumps and pump spares
- Ship spares

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