Our Services
SeaGlobe trades a wide range of offshore and marine equipment / products and can offer sale or lease options. We work closely with various equipment and product suppliers in the industry. Our technical knowledge enables us to add value by helping to select the right equipment / product for the specific project needs. Our partnerships with various local / international suppliers will also enable us to achieve the best commercial and contractual terms and as a result pass on the monetary savings to our customers and at the same time minimize the contractual risks.
SeaGlobe offers project logistic support to the marine and offshore contractors, who are often faced with logistic challenges in remote locations in different countries. From the provision of transportation or storage spaces in the area of operation, to vessel / port agency services, to chartering of offshore vessels, we will have the right solution just for your project.  What makes us stand out is our responsiveness, efficiency, flexibility, and ability to operate internationally in diverse environments. 
Procurement in the offshore and marine industry is often highly specialized and requires the procurement personnel to have a solid understanding of the technical aspects, a strong commercial sense and in-depth knowledge of international contracting practices. By engaging SeaGlobe on the specialist procurement tasks, our client will benefit immediately from our worldwide specialist procurement expertise, leading to significant savings in cost, time and resources. Our strong project management skills can be applied to efficient supplier management and our technical team will timely address any technical issues that may arise.
SeaGlobe is well connected to the major industry players in the region, and has a proven track record of securing orders for various suppliers and service providers. We are highly skilled in technical sales, and have rich experience in proposal preparation and cost estimation. We provide practical and effective advices to our clients for their international business development activities. Whether you are looking for an one-off project sales, or you are seeking long term representation in the international market, we have got a solution for you.
SeaGlobe provides engineering design services in offshore / onshore pipeline engineering, structural engineering, transportation and installation engineering, naval architecture, and geotechnical engineering etc. Our lead consultants are all industry veterans with minimum 20 years’ work experience. They each come with their own specialised niche areas and can help solve the practical problems our clients are facing. We provide our clients with a complete solution for their projects and pursuits in a flexible, transparent, cost effective and time efficient manner. Engaging with us simply means getting immediate access to years of accumulated knowledge and experience, great insights into the current industry situation, and most sought after expertise in niche areas.